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Solarity is the framework to give the order web3 Gaming deserves. Who knows how to build good games usually isn’t efficient at web3 marketing and blockchain development, and viceversa for web3 communities and devs leading to almost no active users. We want to provide a place for games to let any user access their game anywhere, and the right incentives for users to play it and share it.


Create your presence in the metaverse for the cheapest possible price, whether it’s NFTs, Games or DAOs.


Share your experiences and invite your friends anywhere on the web, on any platform with just one link directly from the web2 accounts you use daily.


Grow your project and your community through flawless user interactions thanks to our GameFi aggregator. Devs focus on building the best games you can, and users on having fun and earning by browsing the web.


Have complete freedom in mixing ingredients to create new components for the systems of the future, welcome to the exponential age.

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Twitter Verse

Bring your games and experiences anywhere on the web, with one click! Add our extension, play the games you always loved, and start earning directly from Twitter. Looking for a game? Post your request as a Twitter post, and let users join there.

GameFi Aggregator

Your web3 games, in one place, with any account. Log in through a DID and start playing and earn more, more easily. Solving the visibility problem of web3 games by providing the library of games accessible anywhere with Quests rewarding system.


Sociality and work are becoming more and more digital, and there is a high demand for immediate interaction and content. Create shared browsing sessions, watch a movie, play games, work and share any experiences with whoever you want, with just one click.

Experiences Engine

Building games should be as easy as editing a video, and as immediate as a youtube link. That is why through webXR we are powering creator tools available on any device that runs a browser with Remix functions so that anybody can customize even the most complex games.

What is Solarity's

Build the metaverse

Starting to build the metaverse by innovating its economic infrastructure through academic-grade daos engineered to be magnetically self-organizing to compose the new global organizational mesh

Express yourself

We have developed the most complete and efficient way to express any kind of organization and to directly govern programs associated with them, it would be a waste not to share this with the rest of humanity

Expand the world

Our standard for virtual worlds enable both scarcity and abundance by natively integrating a fully democratic way to expand the world, therefore a coordinated way to bring abundance to the ecosystem, when needed, in a decentralized algorithmical way.

Improve the process

Web2 is awesome, it only misses a value layer, we're adding it

using Solarity

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Kuleen ◎


These guys work hard, tinker a lot and never cease to amaze me on how much they work. Can't wait for the future.



WebXR is the essence of an open and composable metaverse. And Solarity is building the infrastructure for it.

Join our

If you're interested in building the next layer of complexity, reach out to , we're engineers-only founders looking for other motivated members of society that refuse to give up on humanity.